URGENT please about Council grant to business

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Hi All,

The company has £15935 turnover for his trading business. And The company received during accounting period £10,000 of business grant from Brighton and Hove Council also received £2,073 of CJRS from HMRC.

CT600 2021 form I saw new heading for CJRS&JSS.
So I put £15935 of trading turnover to box 145 and out £2073 of CJRS income to box 471 CJRS&JSS received.
Where can I put £10,000 grant form Brighton and Hove council. Should I add to turnover £25,935 or should I put £10,000 into box 205 Income not falling under any other heading.


  • Jagz1234
    Jagz1234 Registered Posts: 7
    The cjrs and grant income is other income.

    You declare the cjrs entitlement and received separately, it doesn’t affect the tax comp. box 471 frOm memory.

    The cjrs is a dating mining exercise and to get company’s to pay up now any excess.
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