Is it even worth doing ACCA in the current job climate? (Rant)

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Hi All

I'm having struggles seeing myself doing ACCA after my AAT qualification. I'm nearly finished with it and did originally plan to do ACCA and probably will still do it once I calmed down, but I do have doubts whether this is all worth it.

Reasons for this is the job market, I wanted to become an accountant so that I can get a nice well paid job easily but it seems like this is impossible. I got into AAT through an apprenticeship and was very poorly paid originally but still kept on. Now I'm in my current role which I feel is too easy and there seems to be a lack of progression with my employer despite them being so large! I have very poor managers who seems to want to supress my potential. I still feel like I'm being paid too little for my role in all honestly even though it's a significant improvement in pay.

It just feels unbearable to want to progress when employers are so exploitable and can't even remain respectable. Personally, I'm thinking to at least do 1 year of ACCA, get the bachelors degree from it and move into a different career all together. What's the point of putting in years of gaining experience where I find everything too easy yet can't move upwards. Frustrates me to no ends.

I'm not sure what your overall experience has been. Hopefully I can find a good employer in the coming months where I can actually apply what I learn to practice. It's been so hard to study this qualification sometimes since everything I learn is useless in my job and becomes hard to retain overtime since it's not applied.

Yes yes, someone will say ''well you should be greatful for your job during lockdown'' but it doesn't solve it for me when there's others who get to their jobs based on ''It's who you know rather then what you know''.

I'll tell you a personal experience of mine. When a position was opened up for internal applicants originally, I applied and they said I was great! But they didn't want to hire me because they felt like I didn't have the skills to do the role. They stated they needed AAT level 3 candidate which I have already achieved this qualification and was already undergoing this qualification. They offered the chance to give me the skills for the role if it was to come up again. But the nerve they have to not even want to pay me for what I am worth on a qualification basis really irritated me. I knew skills such as VBA as well which most don't know but again not good enough. Anything I do isn't good enough.

It could be a case of the fact they need me to work a pointless job to keep operations going as it takes too much effort for them to train someone up.

Rant over.

Hopefully find a job where I can be paid what I'm worth and no, I'm not expecting to be paid £40K per year. It's just my current job is paid on the basis of me being AAT level 2 qualified despite now almost being AAT qualified. That's why i'm annoyed lol. I heard sometimes from the same employer such as ''We won't allow you to use your holiday leave for your exam as your qualification is too high up for your role''. Thinking about delaying studies until January while I re-locate and if I can't find a job that'll pay me what I'm worth may just pack it in at end of year 2 degree accounting studies. The studies are draining and there's no point to doing it if I can't even get a job that reflects my studies. Been working for what 4 years now in the field I am in and it's still entry level? Jeez. Probably should've become an electrician instead.

I wished AAT stopped bragging about their salary averages since it's so unhelpful and has lead to disappointment.

I could be working in Morrison's entry level job for the same pay. and I had to study and work for 4 years to get to where I am!!!
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