Where can i find the results of my practice exams.

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Hi Everyone.

I just recently started studying my accountancy course and am preparing for my first exam on bookkeeping transactions. I've done the practice assessments for this module which i accessed via the learning portal. The issue is I haven't been told my scores and simply can not find it out anywhere.

At the beginning of the assessment it said I should get my results straight away, but once i submitted the assessment i got nothing and only had the option to close/exit.

Can anyone point me in the right direction because I genuinely don't know how well I did.



  • Pian32
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    Unless it's changed you get told as soon as you finish whether you were competent or not competent you don't get a score breakdown.
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    What I do is, I fill in the assessment but don't submit. Then compare it to the model answers and you can calculate your score based on that.
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    No, it is as per the response from Pian32; you don't get any answers/markings/scores, just a Competent (i.e. Pass) or Not Competent Yet (i.e. Fail), after you do a Submit Assessment action. If you don't even Submit Assessment, you won't even get to know whether you have Passed or Failed. Since the AAT already provides PDF files of the Model Answers to its Sample Assessments, you can manually estimate your 'score', as you have said, but this may not be the same as the actual computer marking when you do your examination for real. If you want guidance on your answers/workings, you can ask questions here or pay a tutor to go through your concerns. I am currently doing the AAT L3 Book-Keeping course by Self-Study, but I also pay a Kaplan Tutor for lessons as-and-when required (one 90-minute lesson per week was recommended to me, when doing additional self-study).
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    You would know if you passed or failed if you got 90% of the answers correct as opposed to for example 30%....Respectfully, you just said what we both already said but longer.
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    Respectfully, you just said what we both already said, but longer.

    I was merely providing fuller clarification to Trev9419 (not to you).
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