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I was wondering if anyone has any tips to manage studying (from home), working and completing any other jobs.
I try to dedicate a day each week to AAT course but it doesnt feel like enough. But when I go to do evening revision I get distracted easily and find it hard to stay focused. I am starting to study for my Foundation Synoptic Assessment and getting nervous I am not doing enough. Any tips would be really helpful.
Also if anyone any new/useful revsion ideas that would be so useful.

Thank you in advance :3

(Studying Foundation Certificate in Accounting)


  • Consortium_M
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    Hello Rachael,

    The same frustrations occur when working from home, we have to be patient and good to ourselves. It is frustrating when we can’t concentrate but maybe find someone who can help you keep motivated, do you know anyone also taking the exam who you can share your experience with?

    I find setting myself goals helps to keep eye motivated and to remember why I’m doing what I do; maybe write down 5 goals you’d like to achieve; whether it be chapters to complete on your study book or a practice paper. Completing this should help you feel like you’ve achieved something and in turn positively impact your motivation.

    I have a system of writing down tasks I need to do for the day, and every time I tick one off I feel better about myself and want to keep going. In addition, If evening revision isn’t working for you perhaps you can reschedule your day where possible? Find a time of day that you’re most motivated, for me it seems to be early in the morning, even an hour earlier than you would usually wake up makes a world of difference. Good luck with your exam and I wish you all the best!
  • Rachael_Sibley99
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    Thank you so much. X
  • Lizz93
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    My main tip is to stop putting pressure on yourself! It's ok to get distracted or find it hard one day compared to the next. If it's not going in, stop and go again the next day. Forcing it wont work.
    I also find giving myself little goals (like to a certain chapter) or studying in blocks (an hour or two at a time, break and go again).

    Keep going!
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