AAT mock exam task 1.6 issue?

Hello !
I'm preparing for my BKCL exam soon and was doing a mock assessment via AAT's lifelong learning portal.

For task 1.6 which is a bank statement reconciliation task, I do not understand AAT's sample response - please see below:

On the left of the screenshot above, you can see that AAT's answer. On the right; you can see my attempt at completing the cashbook along with the original data provided in the task.

In sample answer doesn't include '26th May - Counter Credit' anywhere - I have tried to contact them but haven't had any luck so far, but it looks like it could be a mistake? Or am I missing something?

Many thanks for reading!


  • Pian32
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    Counter credit matches Heidi Chin
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  • Aaissa08
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    Many thanks, Pian32. I wonder how long I stared at it without seeing it - perhaps confused with the change in the transaction description...

    Anyway: thank you!!!!
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