Synoptic Level 4 - Failing!

Hi, I have failed the synoptic a couple of times now - but only by a few marks each time.
I was wondering if anyone else is struggling with this year's synoptic?
Does anyone else think the actual exam has been very different to all the practice papers?
Any help and advise would be brilliant!


  • mkmarinova
    mkmarinova Registered Posts: 3
    Hi, I totally understand you. I have failed a few times too until I pass this time (in july one)

    It was hard and sometimes demotivating but I want to encourage you not to give up. I have changed my preparation strategy to the exam which helped me to pass. Check where you loose mark as it is important to understand how to answer the question rather than write everything you know.

    My observations about questions;

    Q1: From 20mark more than 50% related to the Control Account questions so focus on that.
    Q2: Use the AAT practice exam style answer , we need to make a comment for every section in order to gain mark.
    Q3: It is important to write what would be the effects on company,for each weakneess we find
    Q4: This is more like make or buy decision question and it is important to write non-financial factors related to that decision (not just write sustainability explain a bit why sustainability will effect the decision because VD is focusing on that and this decison may create bad reputation etc.)
    Q5: Calculations of the different ratios not only the common ones the other ones too like ROE-ROI
    Q6: I had CBA and also SWOT and again both are looking to get answer for the improvement of the system and benefits to company (investment decisions e.g new website will help to monitor customer satisfaction).

    Hope you find this useful, let me know if you have questions ,happy to help.
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