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Yesterday I completed my first AAT exam.

I was told at the venue I sat the exam at that I should receive an email when my results are available. However, I still haven’t received that email.

I have checked my AAT account and my result is showing, but I’m just wondering why I didn’t get the email?

Should I have got one?


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    @idkEllee — I don’t know if my late post will help or you’ve already sorted it out… to answer your question: it depends.

    If it’s a computer marked exams, e.g. all of L2 or L3 (not Synoptics), you will usually get the results on your MyAAT account in about an hour of completing the exam. Could be longer and officially it’s 24 hours time period.

    If it is a human marked exam, e.g., all of L4 and the Synoptics, then results are uploaded around Thursday afternoon, exactly in the 6th week since your exam sitting week. In that case you definitely get an email with a link saying that: “The result for your (exam name) assessment sat on (date) is now available via your MyAAT account.”
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