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Hi ,
I have open my own bookkeeping company recently .
As I`m new to this is there any one that can explain me the steps to register as an agent for all the services need it ? I`m waiting now for the activation code for Corporate tax .
I heard about a form 64-8 . Is that still in place ? Thank you very much for your help .


  • Yanyan
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    form 64-8 is for your client give authorisation to you to act on their behalf.
    I think you should write a letter to HMRC, apply for agent code. Write to this address to get agent code:
    National Insurance Contributions and Employer Office
    HM Revenue and Customs
    BX9 1AN
    United Kingdom
    The letter should include some infomations (eg, name, address, tel, email, supervisor money laundering ,etc) which you can find in HMRC website:
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