Task 6 Performance Indicators - Decision and Control AAT PA 2

Can you please explain how to work out this question, I've done most of it but couldn't work out how to find the Markup on total cost (%).
I have an exam tomorrow, mostly I'm ready but this one is quite hard to do.


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    Mark up is the profit compared to cost.

    So is the cost was £100 and it was sold for £110 then the mark up will be 10% (10/100*100). The margin would be 9.09% (10/110 *100)

    In the question you want the mark up on total cost:

    Total cost = 26+35 = 61

    So the Mark up will be:

    Mark up = (70-61)/61 *100

    Do be careful here as lots of questions will want markup on Cost of sales not the total.
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    Many thanks, I did my exam yesterday, it was hard, but hoping to pass and must be final time
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