I’m an introvert and love working alone. What type of accountant should I be?

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Hi everyone, I’m currently finishing off my level 4 studies, planning to move onto either ACCA or CIMA. I currently work as a management accountant in a large company. I do enjoy my current role but often wonder if there’s something out there within the accountancy field where I could deal with people less that I haven’t thought of yet.

As much as I wish I wasn’t like this, if I had to give an honest answer, the only thing I really dislike about any job I haven’t liked is dealing with people especially difficult managers.

I feel being a self employed accountant might mean I’d have to deal with just lots of difficult managers in different companies. Is there anything where you don’t really work in a finance team but instead work alone most of the time?


  • SimonHarrisonSD
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    It sounds like you may just have had a bad experience

    Being Self Employed means that you will have to very much be a people person first and foremost

    It would be very difficult to win clients without meeting lots of people and gaining their trust in a competitive world.

    I suggest attending some networking groups to build up your confidence and make some great connections, you will very quickly become confident talking about yourself and what you do

    Best of Luck

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