Just looking for feedback on the L4 optional modules please. Need to make my choices now.

I am at the stage where I need to make my optional module choices. It would be helpful if anyone can offer feedback on the subjects. I'm not looking to set the world alight - I'm 50 next year - just want to pass L4 for my own self-esteem.


  • Krisso
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    I think it all depends on what you want to do with your qualification. Personally I am doing Personal and Business Tax as I plan to upgrade my bookkeeper licence to licensed accountant once complete so makes sense for me to go down that route
  • Bunnydeb1
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    Thank you for your response Krisso. I'm veering more towards the Personal and Business Tax too.
  • Jay36598
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    @Bunnydeb1 Business Tax and Personal Tax seems to be the most popular when I ask around at those are what I'm going to take in Dec 2021. For my L4 optionals are the only assessments left.

    Additionally, these two are quite useful for your personal taxes or if you have a business of your own.
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