Level 3 Synoptics

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Anyone got any advice for this Synoptics exam. I'm sitting it on the 11th November. 3 weeks away yet and I need motivation, my revision's not been the best for the last 2 weeks. I assume I need to brush up on the previous topics like costings, bookkeeping & FAPR.


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    You still have 2+ weeks, but don't take that easy.

    If you have passed the earlier L3 assessments, this means you might be okay with the basic concepts. Now you need to only practice.

    Start with the L3 synoptic practice assessments by AAT at the learning protal. They are really useful. After that, whichever course provider or materials you've been using, use their synoptic practice exams. Make sure you analyse your answers with the answers provided in the materials and work on why you got it wrong.

    That's the best way to practice and in this manner you're automatically revising. Try to put in 3-4 hours effectively everyday between now and 11 Nov and yout should be okay.
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  • PhilJRoo76
    PhilJRoo76 SouthseaRegistered, AAT Student Posts: 29
    Thanks. I'll get knuckling down now. Make sure to concentrate.
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