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Hi, in regards to questions on the mocks where it says “state two factors/reasons” does anyone state more? I’m not sure if this is a bad thing to do. I want to cover myself by stating more reasons than needed but I don’t want it to be detrimental to me. I have my exam tomorrow so any help appreciated 😀


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    Hope your exam went well. I thought of the best two reasons and then gave one line explanation plus examples.

    Almost all written questions have more than the required number of examples/ explanations which you can think of. Stick to the best ones in the number required in the question.

    You don’t get extra marks for providing extra reasons when two specifically are required. Look up the marking sheet on learning portal— that gives your a useful breakdown of what marks are expected in each question, e.g, one mark for reason, one mark for definition, one mark of explanation, one mark for example, and so on as required etc.

    Time is of the essence in the writing assessments. *Real essence*– I can’t stress that enough. There is no focus on quantity. It is all about quality of the response. Succinct, clear to a layman tone, and grammar-spelling-punctuation-typo error free script; and of course knowledge skill.

    Keep in mind that there is no spell-check or grammar check in the answer boxes. This stung me the worst. My suggestion would be to practice your answers on Notepad (in Windows or equivalent Mac app) under exam like scenario and then copy-paste your answers into MS Word to see how error free your writing is. Like I said, this stung me the worst.

    In my exams, everyone was typing really fast and loud and it felt like I was stuck in a 1950s room full of secretaries on typewriters. That is really, really annoying. Go mentally prepared for that distraction and have some good ear buds. I didn’t and typos/spell errors stung me bad.
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    Hi, I didn’t know they marked you based on spelling and grammar. Thankyou for your reply 😀
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