ACCA Entry Requirements?

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After I complete AAT level 4, is this sufficient alone to apply and start the ACCA?

I've looked on the ACCA website and it says 2 A-Levels and 3 GCSEs for the minimum entry requirements. However, I'm not sure that my previous qualifications are equivalent to 2 A-Levels.

Would the AAT Level 4 alone be sufficient to apply? I know that this gives exceptions.



  • foxdrums
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    Yes it is. You will also be exempt from their entry exams (I don't know which ones these are as I'm doing CIMA).

    I'm doing CIMA now and got exemptions from the certificate level because I was AAT level 4 qualified.
  • Jay36598
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    @idkEllee — after you complete AAT L3, that alone gets your admitted to ACCA Qualification at Professional Knowledge (the first level). I did that.

    And after you complete AAT L4, that gets you full exemption from Applied Knowledge level and you can go straight to registering the Applied Skill level exams.

    In both cases, as long as you’re submitting PDF of your AAT level completion transcripts, ACCA will not ask or require you to submit any GCSE or A-level transcripts, but you can if you have them.

    Good luck registering!
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