Sitting Decision and Control Exam with old Kaplan Books

Hi all,
I'm due to sit my decision and control exam soon and just have a concern that since I'm using the 2017-18 Kaplan books would that cost me in the exam since it might be outdated?
Would anyone know of any content being bought up that is introduced in the newer books...?
I've done the practice assessments and they seem fine but the actual exam always seems more challenging.

thanks everyone


  • Jay36598
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    @aneesa — For MDCL, the current AAT standard is AQ2016 . Normally, content does not change between qualification standards, except for taxation assessments which rely on updated Finance Acts.

    So, you should be fine. However, I would recommend to go to this link, then download the AAT AQ2016 Essentiual Support PDF, compare the content of your 2017-18 Kaplan Books to what is in the PDF. I believe 2017-18 Kaplan books would be sufficient to prepare for MDCL.

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