FSLC....Am I the only one?

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I have just completed MABU and MCDL modules fairly quickly, got a good result in the first and hoping for something similar in the second. However I am 2 weeks into FSCL and I feel like I am going in circles.

I've read a few posts from earlier in the year of people having the same sort of struggles with it.

Does anyone have any top tips on how to approach this one as my usual drill it until you get it approach is really demotivating me as not much seems to be going in.



  • _Jordan_
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    Sorry to hear you're struggling with FSLC. My advice would be to buy some textbooks (I recommend Kaplan and Osborne) and make your own notes from these. There are practice questions included to help you prepare for the exam and these really helped me when studying FSLC.

    Also, start by learning the calculations first (SLP/SFP, equity and cash flow, consolidated statements) and finish with learning the accounting standards. You will already be familiar with Task 7 as this is calulating the ratios (the same as MDCL).

    Just know that you can and will get there, take your time with your learning and if you don't understand something, ask for help with it or revisit it later. Have patience as there is a lot to cover but you are absolutely capable of passing this unit so just keep going until you get there.

    Sorry that this may not be exactly what you're looking for. If you have any specific questions about FSLC, I can try my best to help.

    Good luck :)
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