Moving on to the accountancy courses after the bookkeeping ones.

Seanyb891 Registered Posts: 1

Ive recently just finished the the two bookkeeping courses available through AAT and the 'Using accounting software' course.

I'm now looking to do the Accountancy based ones but the problem i'm having is that a lot of the units for the accountancy ones I've already completed in my other courses.

what's the best course of action ? or should I just call the AAT helpline?



  • Moi
    Moi Registered Posts: 7 New contributor 🐸
    which modules specifically and at which levels have you completed so far? Its hard to say from your feed
  • sjtoomer
    sjtoomer Registered Posts: 63 Regular contributor ⭐
    I believe that you can go to the L2/L3 Accounting from the L2/L3 Book-Keeping (at the same level) and you just have to do the missing modules in the L2/L3 Accounting. I was thinking about this myself, but I'm honestly not sure if it's worth it, as the missing modules are Management Accounting type and software-related modules, so are only really useful if you want to be a Management Accountant. My College Tutor said that you only really need the Book-Keeping Course modules for the real world.
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