How to quit?

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I don't like using the word quit because it implies giving up. The fact is I have tried, but as it happens I am merely realising this is not the direction I want to continue in at a point that is neither before nor after finishing a level.

I have done the first Level 4 exam but truthfully I'm becoming disconnected from the topic. Its not about the hard work, I am disciplined and have passed all my exams with flying colours, but I cannot invest myself in something I no longer want to do.

Attempting to force it has made me incredibly unhappy and for mental health reasons primarily I have decided to cease studies.

My employer has already paid for the full course, though, making things slightly awkward. Though, I have only been provided two modules so far.

Does anyone have advice on the best way to cease studies?


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    This is just personal advice from me, no right or wrong here. Only trying to help.

    It can feel that you are not enjoying this career path line. Do you feel 100% sure you dont want to go this as you have reached so far down the AAT route. It is a personal choice at the end of the day, for which I cant give the answer.

    If you feel that you no longer want to go down the accounts route due to not being happy and mental health reasons then I think you have made up your answer. Life is too short to have health issues and stressing over something you dont enjoy. Have you researched something that you may enjoy, IT, Sales etc you could always change careers, it is never too late if you are determined. Just don't let stress beat you down.

    As your employer has paid for the course I assume they will want the money back if you have decided to leave. I dont like to give bad news but I assume they will expect the full amount back for Level 4. Not sure about the previous levels if they have paid for it, they could ask for that money back too but again I am not too sure on what your companies policy is (which would have been set out on the contract you would have signed when going down the route of the company paying for you). You would need to speak with your employer and let them know you are no longer interested in AAT. See what they say, if they do ask for the money back, you could pay it all back immediately or may even need to get a payment plan done, again that is between you and your employers personal terms (I cant advise on that).

    But if you have decided to quite go for something you enjoy can't live life unhappy

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