Unable to find a job / work placement after level 3

John_C Registered Posts: 4 New contributor 🐸
Hi everyone,

I have recently passed my aat level 3 in accounting and sent out hundreds of CVs. But since I don't have relevant work experience, I am still unable to find an entry job or even having any interview. I will finish my level 4 in coming weeks. Should I wait for my level 4 result before I start my job searching?

Thank you.


  • davealucas
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    In my view keep on searching for a job. If you finish level 4 before you get an interview, just amend your CV
  • RichardOffley
    RichardOffley Registered Posts: 1

    Are you using accounting recruiters? If not I would use a recruiter who specialises in accounting and finance rather than going direct or through websites like indeed. Hope this helps…

    Regards, Richard
  • John_C
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    @davealucas @RichardOffley Thank you for your answer. I just got a work placement experience offered
  • sjtoomer
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    Which job agencies specialise in Accounting/Finance-type jobs? I am nearly finishing AAT L3 Book-Keeping. The general job web-sites seem to be useless and have bad jobs on them (i.e. the jobs that get re-advertised, so you know they're bad for some reason).
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