Level 4 Optional Modules

I have just started level 4 and I am looking at the optional modules. I am thinking of either choosing both tax modules or Business Tax and External Audits however I am currently undecided.
I understand that personal tax will link in with Business Tax however I do like the sound of External Audits.

Any suggestions/advice on what I should pick?

Additionally, how crucial is choosing the optional modules in terms of future job prospects? I am currently working in payroll but would be looking to move into a more financial role.


  • Krisso
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    Ultimately it is down to what you want to do after your studies, for example I want to increase my licence options from what I currently have for my bookkeeping licence so it makes sense that I’m doing both tax options.

    There is nothing as far as I know about completing 2 modules for your pass and then completing the 3rd module. The higher 2 of the 3 passes will be the ones counted for your certificate.
  • _Jordan_
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    I would recommend both tax options.

    Personal Tax is relevant to anyone, whether you work in accounting or not due to the calculation of payslips and knowledge of different tax saving methods. As you work in payroll, this would be the most useful unit for you to study. You may even find you already know certain information covered as you apply this in your current role.

    If you do Personal Tax first, when you do Business Tax you will find you don't need to learn certain topics as you've already covered them in Personal Tax.
    This is very helpful and means you spend less time learning Business Tax.
    Business Tax is also, in my opinion, easier than Personal Tax. If you do one, you should do the other as there is an overlap in knowledge.

    By all means, do all 3 if you really wish to do the Auditing unit. Personally, I feel that the two Tax options are the most valuable.

    Good luck :)
  • bigevy08
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    Totally depends on what you want to do post AAT.

    If you want to go on to study ACCA, do both tax modules as they'll benefit you greatly.

    Personally, as I am going to move onto study CIMA the units aren't as beneficial moving into that area of study. So I am going to Cash and Treasury Management as it will help within my current role and External Auditing as 1, it's a short module and 2, it's always good to get an insight on how auditors brains work ;).
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