AAT Lv 4 Written questions. Is spelling marked ?

Sita3croft Registered Posts: 19 New contributor 🐸
Having sat a test with written parts already, I can see that there isn't a spell check option. I sometimes struggle with my spelling and was wondering if i could lose marks with poor spelling in the written questions. Or if there is an option to spell check, could someone tell me how i'd do that in the test. Thank you and be well.


  • _Jordan_
    _Jordan_ Registered Posts: 25

    There isn't any way to spell check in the exams unfortunately.

    I don't believe you will lose marks for spelling errors though. I knew someone with dyslexia who asked our AAT tutor this question and they said as long as the examiner can understand your answer and you make the right points then you shouldn't be penalised for spelling mistakes :)
  • Sita3croft
    Sita3croft Registered Posts: 19 New contributor 🐸
    Thanks for the reply Jordan, appreciate the details, make sense and puts me at ease.
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