Have there been any changes to the LV3 Indirect Tax 2022 exam from 2021?

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I noticed the books I just received for Lv3 Indirect Tax has 'FA2020 Jan 2021 until Jan 2022' on the cover, and on the 2nd page of the study text it states a similar note 'for assessments from 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2021'.

Can anyone confirm if the studytext/exam kit can still be used to study for and sit the 2022 Indirect Tax exams?


  • hollyannlast
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    When I ordered my books straight off the Website a few weeks ago, I noticed that most of the Textbooks actually say 2016 on them when the Website actually says 2021-22 on the front cover I believe. However some other books/pocket notes said 2021-22 when I received them but I had confirmation that the books from 2016 to now are all eligible for the exams but from Sept 2022 onwards they are changing the syllabus which means students will need the new books they are going to bring out.
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    I believe that, currently, the AAT IDRX exam is using the FA2020 (Finance Act 2020) (i.e. for AAT IDRX exams from January 2021), on the AQ2016 (Accounting Qualifications 2016) frame-work. So, the books you ordered are probably for AAT IDRX on AQ2016 using FA2020, which are the same as the books that I have got. The AAT IDRX books have to get updated for each version of the Finance Act, as some of the rules/thresholds change. The new Accounting Qualifications 2022 (AQ2022) frame-work is the newer version of the qualifications, but AQ2016 module exams (i.e. the older version of the qualifications) can still be taken until September 2023, for people who are already registered on an AQ2016 qualification, I believe. If anybody wants to correct me, then please go ahead.
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