I struggle with these. What's a good way to solve them?

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    hi, you can try to find the two invoice on the left side and add them together: invoice 1250+invoice1268-credit note 91 on the right side. the figure will match.

    there is no exact way of doing that, just match the figures similar together to try to get the answer.
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    Did you work this out?

    It is invoice 1223, invoice 1281 and credit note 96.

    Balance BF is cleared by credit note 88 and bank payment.
    Cheque covers invoice 1250 and 1268 minus credit note 91.

    Add up your debits, minus your credits and find out what you're left with. This leaves balance of £3580 on account which is invoice 1223, invoice 1281 minus credit note 96.

    Hope this helps :smile:
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