Best tool to repair QuickBooks company file damaged file.

technoUmesh Registered Posts: 4
Hello Friends, Please suggest any tool to repair QuickBooks company file damaged file. I am using QuickBooks desktop after changing my laptop facing the issues.


  • Gavra
    Gavra Registered Posts: 3 New contributor 🐸
    Fix Corrupt QuickBooks Files using Built-in Functions

    Before initiating the repairing of QuickBooks data, it is recommended replicating the file to avoid permanent loss of data. After the backup is created, follow the given instructions to proceed further with the repair process.
    1. Run QuickBooks’ Verify Data function. This confirms corruption and further recommends Rebuilt Data.
    2. Note: When running Verify Data function, make sure that the QuickBooks file is in the single-user mode.
    3. Run QuickBooks’ Rebuild Data function to pull apart all data existing within in the file and then rearrange it in correct order.
    4. Again, run QuickBooks Verify Data function and when it is completed, test the file by running reports that were displaying errors and check if they are fixed appropriately.
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