VAT and EU

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I saw questions about this before but no answers - the books seem to place UK still as member of the EU. Is there anything we should know in view of exams? Do we answer according to books or will AAT expect up to date knowledge and if so, where can we find it for Level 3 Indirect tax?


  • sjtoomer
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    I would have thought that the Finance Act 2020, which the IDRX books are based upon, would have been updated to reflect the fact that the UK is no longer a part of the EU. I am currently studying the IDRX module. I think we need an AAT Official to answer your question.
  • sjtoomer
    sjtoomer Registered Posts: 32
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    Ignore my answer above. The Finance Act 2020 (FA2020) was written when the UK was still a part of the EU, albeit in the transitional arrangements stage before Brexit, so if you are doing your IDRX exam using FA2020 (like me), you do it according to FA2020 (i.e. taking the UK as still being an EU member country). I believe that electronic Reference Material is available in the IDRX exam.
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