Suggestions on how to go about getting some bookkeeping experience please?

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Are you a person who switched career in your 30s to finance and bookkeeping? If so, how did you first gain experience?

I am prepared to volunteer. I have recently completed AAT level 3 with distinction.

I am appealing to people that have solved this problem or who work in the industry to give as many suggestions as possible.

Thanks in advance.


  • Caspar1
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    The problem you have is that the smaller practices just don't have time, it sounds cruel, but if you go somewhere to gain experience, they are taking up a lot of time showing you what to do, then you will need to ask questions until you understand each job. It is so time consuming for the practice and that is the reason why it is so hard to find someone who will let you work there for a time. I think also it is hard to let someone be an unpaid volunteer due to insurance issues and NMW rules etc.

    If you were to state the area you live, to give those reading this an idea of if you are in their area. It could work if you did some voluntary book keeping for a charity, and then asked if there was someone willing to check over the work you have done. But it would probably work best if it was someone in your area who is willing to be a mentor for a time.
  • Tomruskin
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    I’ve just moved into finance at 40 after a 20 year career in retail.

    I can relate to your situation and it is tough to get that first foot in the door. I was also level 3 trained when I was fortunate to secure a trainee management accounting role in a local finance outsourcing business.

    I took the LinkedIn approach to promote the skills I had from my previous work experience and bring to life how they were transferable to finance. As well as building a healthy LinkedIn presence, I’d also recommend getting Xero certified and using career coaches to perfect your CV and interview approach (there are loads of free tips out there).

    Finally, don’t give up and approach each interview with the same energy.

    Good luck and update us on how you get on.

  • sjtoomer
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    I also have this problem. I have got AAT L3 Book-Keeping. I am just applying for as many suitable jobs as possible.
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