Affordable AAT Osborne level 4 books for sale AQ2016

JJG123 Registered Posts: 6
Hello. I have unmarked tutorial books for all AAT level 4 core modules (4 books), plus a never used Financial Statements for Limited Companies workbook (basically practice exam questions in this book). In addition to this, I have the personal tax tutorial FA2020, and the external auditing tutorial.

In September 2022 the AQ2022 course is released, however, you can still complete the qualification under the AQ2016 syllabus until September 2023 if you start before the course is released in Sept 22. If you don't complete by Sept 23 you will have to transfer your grades to the AQ2022 syllabus and complete the final couple of exams there. Due to this course update and the fact that these options may not be your preferred options, I'm happy to sell all the books as a package for £15 plus £7 postage - this makes for a very affordable self study option if you are disciplined enough to finish within 13 months.
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