Transfer to Q2022 from QA2016

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I currently have 2 exams left of the QA2016 syllabus, AVBK and the Synoptic. I am due to sit the AVBK exam at the end of September 2022.

I am not too keen on taking the Synoptic and was wondering if it is possible to move over all of my other exams to the Q2022 syllabus and then only have the Business Awareness exam left to do once I have passed AVBK?

This seems like the most cost effective and less stressful path to take.


  • PhilJRoo76
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    Hi, yes you can transfer them over, I've already checked this with my own training provider as I've passed all my modules too. I did fail the synoptics 3 times to the point I'm not doing it again, I'm currently studying the business awareness module and will transfer the other results over to Quals22 as soon as September comes.
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