Level 4 Past Papers with answers

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Hello All

I am a former AAT student, I passed back in 2009 but I haven’t worked in accountancy since then, so I am somewhat rusty! I am applying for a job where you need experience in preparing profit & loss accounts & looking at balance sheets. My idea is to look at a few past papers to get back into the habit of how to complete the accounts. I am trying to get some past papers but I can’t seem to find any on here, could someone possibly put some Level 4 PDF’s on here for me to download please?

I realise this isn’t the 2022 qualifications discussion, but this was the only option it gave me.

Thanks in advance

Richard Watson


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    [Please refrain from sharing practice materials without explicit consent from AAT]
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    Thanks a lot @CheriSheri99. I really appreciate your help. Regards Richard
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