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I am just entering university and would like to improve my writing style. I have errors in English and in the very style of the text. My teacher said the best is practice. And he advised me to look for ready-made materials for texts and so on for my practice. I already found something for myself, up to the texts of my friends who are already studying, but still wanted to get more ideas on this topic, please!
Could you share resources as examples or, if you have written on the same topic, tell me about your experience?


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    livanerob Registered Posts: 6 New contributor 🐸
    I'm sad because no one has written to the thread here, but still, several people responded to me in the messages! It's still fun! I decided to write here as the final answer to this thread. They sent me several articles on the topic of practice in writing English, this, for example, is an article from grammarly and nerdyseal. Also, as an option, they send me this - esolcourses. If suddenly someone was looking for the same topic and was interested in this. Then he will be able to find here everything that was offered to me and I found it myself! Good luck to me and you! :)
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