Will studying Q2016 material help with Q2022 exams?

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My brother is wanting to study AAT and has asked to use my books despite that I only have Q2016 and he will be signing up for Q2022. Will these be of use to him in any way? He is planning on buying the Q2022 books but is wanting to start studying now before he registers in 2023. I don't want him to spend all this time revising this material if it won't be of any use to him.

I have all Level 2 and 3 books for Q2016. I believe that the Level 2 bookkeeping books will be useful but I'm unsure about the rest as I've not seen the Q2022 material.


  • sjtoomer
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    Yes, as the modules are very similar in content, just some modules have been combined, so the information will not be wasted.
  • CheriSheri99
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    @sjtoomer Thank you for letting me know :) I'm glad that all of that revision material will still be useful to him
  • MichaelNorton
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    The issue that he will have is the introduction of digital accounting systems in ITBK and the business environment unit

    Although to be fair that doesn’t feature much in the traditional books anyway - but it is in the practice assessments

    Hope this helps fill that gap

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