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Hello every one in this group
I failed again in PDSY on third attempt with 54%, and need some advice from who ever passed for PDSY in September 22 window and also if could give me a any Mock papers or any practical work you have, will be much appreciated

Thank you


  • alexp82
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    Hi Alfee,
    I found the below First Intuition revision videos really useful in finding out what exactly was required in the exam, especially the ones on specific tasks (in fact I'd say they were far more useful than the materials I spent quite a bit on!)

    Also, from what I remember I think that with a lot of the written questions don't be worried about seeming like you are stating the obvious as a lot of it kind of is that. In fact, a lot of it almost felt like a reading comprehension test, where you just had to point out the things that they'd told you and offer straight forward solutions.

    And, one other thing is its probably worth doing the exam questions in preference order starting with the questions you think you can do best at first so you can concentrate on them whilst you are freshest and less worried about time pressures.

    Hope it goes better for you next time.
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