Treasurer role for AAT level 3 students or qualified, helpful for work exp (Pol Party Lib Dem)

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Yes, I know this is a question and not a discussion but for some reason the site is not allowing me to post under "Question title." I have emailed customer support about this.

This is a role for someone who lives on the South East Coast in the Dover District. Excellent way to gain the work experience requirement. I am leaving this role and need to hand over to someone else trustworthy. I can now apply for my license to be self-employed. We need someone in place by the end of the month. Could it be you?

Yes, it is a Political Party just starting out in the area. Interesting way to learn how local government, the political system works and serve the local community.

It would be great to help someone out. Especially someone who has been away from work and has found it challenging to get work experience. I didn't find this role via this site or traditional routes.

Looking forward to hearing from someone soon!


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