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I use Taxfiler for SA tax returns, a brilliant software. I have an issue whereby a multitude of clients are not populating HMRC employment/pension data via the "View HMRC data" for 2021/22.

This is not for every client, and there is no pattern of who this is not happening for. Strangely, data for previous years is still working for those affected clients, but not the year 2021/22 .

Although I have asked Taxfiler support they recommended ideas, of which none solved the issue, and finally to speak to HMRC. I spoke to both the agent dedicated line and also online support. HMRC bat me back to Taxfiler after looking at their side, so I am stuck in the middle of this conundrum.

I have tried combinations of disconnecting the "HMRC pre-population APIs", and reauthorised, turned the computer off, logged off from Taxfiler etc

Is anyone else having issues, or can offer advice.

Many thanks in advance
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