The New AAT Apprenticeship's.... Help :(

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Hi everyone ,
I'm hoping someone on here will have some knowledge about the new AAT apprenticeships as I'm stuck and my college doesn't seem to know much :anguished: , so - i understand for apprentices undertaking L2,L3 and L4 for AAT , no longer need to sit exams - just learn all knowledge in class and only sit the synoptic at the end and complete their portfolio .. which i think is great and makes sense !! however what happens regarding qualifications . Do you get the same qualification undertaking the apprenticeship versus someone only undertaking the qualification (part time training course)? looks like there's no difference in the apprenticeship or qualification itself for L2 and L3 however L4 if you do apprenticeship on its own would you still get the same qualification versus someone undertaking the training course only (professional diploma in accounting ) . If anyone has any knowledge at all for the new apprenticeship rules please let me know, it'll be very appreciated, as my college don't seem to have a clue and I'm concerned I won't be able to progress into CIMA or ACCA if I do apprenticeship L4 route as it may not be same qualification compared to just the training course.
Thanks ! =)


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    Hi I’m also an apprentice but I have to sit all exams for all units and then do synoptic and then my EPA and portfolio. I think you are not going to gain the AAT qualification but only the apprenticeship qualification side to it. I am sure there is 2 separate things as when I was with a college and I was enquiring prices, one was significantly cheaper than the other and that one was the just sitting synoptic one
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