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Good Morning All,
I hope you are well?
I have just recently started a Youtube channel.
So far I have uploaded 3 videos on there which provide tips on how to do a VLOOKUP, splitting data into different cells and how to get a personal greeting video message from Santa (just in time for Christmas. The kids, family and friends would love it). Please feel free to like, subcribe and share. I am open to comments aswell, what can be improved etc.
Preparing these videos can take a while eventhough it is only 1 minute long, recording, editing, uploading etc. So your support is muchly appreciated.


  • wilburnet
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    This is great - many thanks !
  • sk2022
    sk2022 Registered Posts: 24 New contributor 🐸

    Thank you so much for your positive comments really appreciate it. Do feel free to share, subscribe :-). I do try to post videos on weekly basis. Working and studying along side too haha. I am looking to add audio in too going forward
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