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This is the clients text
'I will try to cover as much below as to give as comprehensive a picture of me and my circumstances at present.

I had worked for First Quantum Minerals from 2014 until November 30, 2002 My payout will be delivered in two phases, my salary ( 2 months payment in lieu of notice) which will enter my UK bank account during their December pay cycle, around the 20th December. This will be approximately 22k GBP. The second part of my payout comes as a result of RSU/PSU's. As I held a senior role and the share price is currently high the sum of 250,000 GBP was vested and entered my UK bank account on Monday (Hence my hangover!)
First Quantum are a Canadian employer and I was employed, full time at a project in Mauritania and held a Mauritanian Residence card during my tenure paying an 8% tax on salary in Mauritania.

I have an additional savings of 140,000 GBP earned through salary over the years.

In 2010 (my first overseas job) was for a british company named Amalgamated construction for a project of there, again full-time overseas in Guinea and a recall at time of the position I was issued an NT code?

I have not heard from the inland revenue ever... in the full lifetime of my employment overseas. I had a well documented travel history and have in most years been in the UK for less than 20 days per annum.

This year has been different hence the call out. I returned to the UK on September 15th (unpaid leave and a short work trip to Australia) . I have not worked a single day since this time focusing my time on trying to close out my negotiations with my previous employer which will let allow me to pursue alternate employment without and conflict in interests arising through duel employment.
My plan now, Find another expat job after the festive break and leave the UK asap! '

And my view is

register him for self employment and check into double taxation with Mauritania.

And see how the share payout is treated.

I have done the residency test and it says

You were a UK resident because you:

had a home in the UK for at least 91 days in a row and at least 30 of those days were in the tax year
spent at least 30 days in your UK home

Views please
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