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Hi. A friend set up a ltd company, without seeking any advice. He has one customer, and after paying bank fees, he pays himself the remaining money received - as a dividend each month. He has asked me to file his company return. Despite the possible breach of IR35, he is the only share holder, with a turnover of 2640.00 for the year. I have produced minutes and dividend vouchers to cover the 12 payments made and there are no expenses to be claimed so the full amount will be subject to tax. I was looking at using the new HMRC joint filing software to file the annual return, together with corporation tax at the same time. He does not have any accounting software, is it even possible to file online without accounting software? I dont want to start filing the return only to find I cannot proceed. Then there is the question of micro accounting, which he does qualify for, but comes with restrictions from what I have read. At this moment in time he has to file the accounts for april 21 to april 22 by 8th jan 23. He asked if I thought he should cease trading and register as a sole trader which seems an easier option. If anyone can offer any advice it would be much appreciated as I am running out of time - head and sand come to mind!
thanks in advance

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