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tayylloorr Registered Posts: 1 New contributor 🐸
Hello, I’m not sure how familiar people are with the Q2022 exams yet. I sat my Level 4 Applied Management Accounting exam today. There’s an answer and edit button at the bottom of each section. You have to click answer to move between the questions and edit if you want to make changes. I ran out of time whilst editing an answer and the exam timed out. Does anyone know if that section will be submitted or does the system think I haven’t answered it because I didn’t click answer? It was a section I was confident on, so I’m worried it might not have gone through.


  • sjtoomer
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    Normally, if you run out of time, when doing a Computer-Based Examination, the Surpass software will submit your answers when the time runs out, so you always get a score from an examination.
  • AlwaysQuestions
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    Tayylloorr, Oh this is new, I am writing in 2 weeks time. Please can you tell me if you found the green lights and practice assessments indicative of the exam? Many thanks.
  • Hantoks101
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    @tayylloorr how did it go with your exam?. I did my level 4 credit and debit management today and I did this same mistake, did you ever find out weather the whole task was submitted?. I'm so worried I messed up again!
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