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Just received my results back for my AAT Level 4 synoptic and only received 68% I’m heartbroken.

What would you recommend I do, I just started one of my optional units - should I abandon this or try to complete? The deadline for AQ2016 is making me feel really anxious.

I would really appreciate tips on where to start again. What to pick up first. What to throw myself at with the synoptic. I have no idea where I went so wrong.

Also, I studied using the Osborne books, were there other books you used and had a good time with? I really did put everything into this exam so studying the same stuff over again seems pointless. Not sure if a different approach would work better.

Appreciate any responses


  • sk2022
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    Be positive about this, think about it you almost made it. I know it hurts as you were almost there.

    I would suggest as it is still fresh and in your mind, go over your revision again and do the practice assessments again. You might find that somewhere you might have lacked and that will help you pass the next time round.

    Dont stress about the time I am on the same boat, I have Financial Statements and Synoptic left for AQ2016. I fully understand September is round the corner but just take each day as it comes. Dont look that far ahead. Say to yourself you will buckle down for 1 month then take the exam. I need to do that too haha
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    Hi Amber sorry to hear you didn't pass this time, 68% is close so you were nearly there, you probably dropped a few marks due to lack of volume in your written answers.

    I'd recommend looking at the feedback for each specific task on your statement of achievement in My AAT to see which tasks you struggled with and then focus your revision on those areas.

    Depending on your progress with the optional unit I would be tempted to crack on with that and get another exam ticked off before going back to the synoptic with fresh eyes. If you're not quite there with the optional unit or you think you might forget a lot of the synoptic stuff then book a resit and try again ASAP.

    Osborne books are good but if you've read it inside out you can purchase a mock pack from other providers, I used First Intuition and found their materials to be good. They also have revision sessions on their YouTube channel which are helpful.

    Try not to lose heart and good luck for next time.
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    Hi Amber,

    Sorry to hear! I received 68% as well so I imagine how you feel - it is really heart breaking. I am planning to retake 30th of January 2023.

    I also failed the MLDC exam 3 times, keep getting 67% which is very upsetting. These are my last two exams in order to become qualified and the deadline for AQ2016 is around the corner.

    It is very hard to suggest what exam you should do first, but have in mind that PDSY has only limited booking dates, not like any other exams. I think the optional exam most likely will be easier, therefore you can tackle it later in time. But this is only my opinion - you need to understand what is better for you.

    What my tutor suggested is to recap the tasks where you received the lowest marks (as an example mine was task 1&6). She also suggested to get familiar with new case study - AEM Ltd.

    For my previous exam I bought an extra study material from Kaplan (only one book for exercises) which I think helped a little. However, I can see that they are sold out at the moment..

    Please stay positive!

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