NI Contributions to count as a qualifying full year for pension

Hi, I have a client who has always gone through payroll to use up his tax allowance so has paid a small amount of Class 1 NI. This has resulted in his weekly earnings exceeding the primary threshold so he wont get a full credit on his NI account for the year. Rather than waiting til year end and then calling HMRC to find out how much top up he needs to pay, does anyone know how much his NI contributions would need to be over the year to ensure he would get a full year of contributions going forward. This has just come to light as my client has been reviewing his NI record for gaps in relation to his pension in future.
Trying to work out if he's better off going through payroll for £123-£190 per week going forward to get the NI credit, or if we should increase his salary to ensure he pays enough NI to qualify for a full year.
Any advice appreciated.


  • douglasstroud
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    Im confused, if the clients earnings exceed the threshold why will they not have a full credit for the year?
    Are they a Director?
    You do not need to pay N/I to get a qualifying year as an employee.
    You say about maybe going through payroll and then increasing salary are these not the same thing?
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