Practice vs Industry

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Hi everyone,

What are people's views, do you need to have worked in practice to excel in accountancy or do modern large companies have the ability to give enough all round experience?


  • Neillaw
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    The first part of your question is no - I don't think that you have to had worked in practice to excel in accounts. I know quite a few FC's that haven't worked in practice.

    The question would be what type of account do you want to be?

    I've worked in both practice and industry and now I'm a licenced member, I think that a spell in practice is good for annual accounts presentation requirements for Company's house and tax affairs.
    However industry has taught me how to relate to my clients, not all clients are financially astute and require you to explain what things mean. I spent a lot of time explaining accounts to production directors etc in layman's terms.

    Hope this is of use.
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