Thinking about a career change to accounting.

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Hi all,

This is my first post on here so please be kind lol.

My situation - I obtained a BA Hons in Business several years ago, since then I have been working for the same corporate in warehouse/logistics/supply chain for 12 years. over the course of my employment I have had several different roles - Manager, supply chain coordinator, Control room technician.

Although previously I have enjoyed working here, recently this environment (warehouse team manager) has made me really question my career. I hate it to be quite honest. I am looking for a new job but I fear because of my experience I will end up going into the same industry, vicious cycle.

I have no previous experience in accounting roles. And I have been looking into AAT (a lot), and I think I would like to study. I will self study level 2 after reading alot on forums etc. I am willing to take a pay cut, that doesnt bother me.

my questions are:

Realistically, does my experience in logistics make any difference to potential accounting firms?

What are the main systems/software that I need to be competent in?

And can some of you offer your experiences, If you have been in the same boat as me? (should I go for it)

I am 38 btw. I know age doesnt really matter but I thought id put it on anyway.

Sorry for the long message.


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    I had no prior accounts experience but I undertook an apprenticeship to get my foot in the door, I did level 2 and 3 and currently on level 4.

    System wise definitely excel in your belt, other than that it is tough to advise as all companies use different accounting software, I used Sage with college but I use Business Central work, they are all similar and do the same things in the end, it’s just learning to navigate them

    I am not 100 per cent but I also think I remember reading that with a business degree you are exempt from CIMA certificate level, this may be worth a check cause it will be a harder but faster route and some companies offer training support when hiring trainees
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    you can have a look on first intuition's AAT course, they do discount regularly. i used them when i study my AAT level 2-level 4. My BA was business as well. working in sales for 8 years with no accounting expirence. i don't think age is a problem as long as you want a change. they do have some bias with people got no expirence in the very beginning, but if you got something in your hand like complete level 2 or level 3 study, massive of doors will open to you.
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