AAT2016 to AAT2022

leoF Registered Posts: 18 New contributor 🐸
I haven't passed the synoptic level 3 but everything else I've passed.
Does anyone know the process of the transferr


  • Loomy
    Loomy Registered Posts: 4 New contributor 🐸
    Send an email to AAT customer support and provide them with your AAT student number and your DB, they will send you the link to transfer.
    We are on the same boat, I have only business awareness left to complete level 3, as I just passed the spreadsheet recently.
    I am still looking for training provider to study it with them?!
    Please let me know if you have any ideas.
  • leoF
    leoF Registered Posts: 18 New contributor 🐸
    Thank you, I'll send them a message!
    I would like to do it remote and I know that first intuition is really good
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