What are the VAT rates for an Amazon Seller in the UK

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I have a client who is an Amazon seller. He is based in the UK and ships all his products to Amazon here in the UK, who then fulfil orders for him. He has sales in the UK, France, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. The UK sales are standard rated, but I cannot find any reports on the Amazon account that show what the sales VAT rate is on the EU sales. Are the sales in the EU reverse charge the same as the expenses are? Whenever i google this issue all the results show companies selling their amazon FBA accounting expertise so its not much help at all.


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    Have you tried looking at individual invoices?
    Does he sells taxable mechandisee in Uk. Some goods are exempt, some are 0 / 5 / standard rated.
    You know all that.

    I have no experience in EU SALES. As per my notes, SellER is based in UK.
    Goods are exported FROM uk so s/b zero rated.

    You can check HMRC Website for further details. Acccountingweb.co.uk has got interesting forum where you can post questions. I am sure someone professional will enlighten you with knowledge!

    Good luck.

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