Do I have to do synoptic in AAT Level 3 (Q2022)?

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I am currently doing an apprenticeship with Kaplan for the above qualification. The 4 modules for this level add up to 100%. I have been advised I have to do an additional exam for this level, a synoptic assessment.
My question is if the 4 modules add up to 100%, how much is the synoptic assessment really worth and do I really need to do it?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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    Hi Inny,
    I don't think you need to do the synoptic assessment for level 3 (AQ2022). There is only four modules and no synoptic assessment.

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  • Mila86
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    Hi Inny,

    At Level 3, the 2022 syllabus are just 4 exams:

    Business Awareness (L3DPL2022)
    Contributes 15% of overall grade.

    Financial Accounting: Preparing Financial Statements (L3DPL2022)
    Contributes 40% of overall grade.

    Management Accounting Techniques (L3DPL2022)
    Contributes 30% of overall grade.

    Tax Processes for Businesses (L3DPL2022)
    Contributes 15% of overall grade.

    Kind regards,
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