Does anyone know what the pre-release material for the level 4 synoptic 2016 syllabus is?

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I have bought the Kaplan study and exam kit and the exam kit includes pre-release information for a company called 'Veggie Delights Ltd', the AAT learning portal says it's for a company called 'AEM Ltd' and the mock assessment in the AAT study support area says the material is for a company called 'SL Products Ltd'. Does anyone know which it is?


  • Jamesmum
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    Am interested to know as I didn't know there was such a thing as pre release material.
  • daisyevie3
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    To find the pre-release material for the Level 4 synoptic exam of the 2016 syllabus, you can consider the following options:

    Examination Board Website: Visit the website of the examination board or awarding body responsible for conducting the Level 4 synoptic exam. They often provide updates and resources related to their exams, including pre-release materials. Look for a dedicated section or search for the specific syllabus and year to find relevant information.

    Training Provider or Tutor: Reach out to your training provider or tutor who is delivering the Level 4 synoptic course. They may have access to the pre-release material or be able to provide guidance on where to find it. They can also inform you about any additional resources or instructions related to the exam.
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