AAT Level 3 Synoptic Assessment! - HOW!?

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Hi all,
I'm seeking a tonne of advise!!
It's embarrassing to say that I cannot pass this exam at all!
I feel like one of the exams for the Synoptic is similar to the practise questions that I've been revising, but the other one is completely different, and nothing like any of the practise questions or material I've looked at!! (Yes, I've taken this exam numerous times and still no better off!)

I feel like one of the previous attempts I made, I included all of the information they were asking for but no movement on the overall mark!! I am convinced that there was an error in saving all the details of the exam for this one. So I took it again yesterday and it was the worst experience of my exam-life! How can something be so far from what I've been revising??

Has anyone got any tips on passing this exam? I've messaged my tutor and there isn't much he can advise as he cannot see the exam or give me any more revision material as I've seen it all! He also said that it is a regional complaint that the pass-rate isn't great!!

I also am pressed for time as the course expires in September 2023! for the 2016 one.


  • xdaw9d
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    Hello !!

    I've got similar experience. I took my first synoptic assessment last week and I almost fell off the chair when i saw the questions. It's way more difficult than the mocks which are available online! The only good thing is I believe there's enough time to complete the questions without the pressure.

    I'm not sure if I passed or failed as I've not got the results yet but I don't set my hopes too high.

    The questions were very tricky and didn't resemble any from the mock :( I believe we still have 2 more attempts before the syllabus gets discontinued.

    I'm starting studying again. I'll go through all the units again focusing on the things I struggle with the most- in my case it's management costing as I only got 78% from this unit assessment. All the other ones are passed with the 90%+ mark.

    There are some materials on youtube where people show you how to tackle the synoptic assessment. I would recommend that as it helped me a lot !
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    I also had a big shock to the system when I sat the synoptic last week. I felt really confident after doing the mocks but the real thing was horrendous. I've had 85% and above in all exams but I really feel like I will have failed the synoptic. Like others have said, I felt that the way the questions were worded were very unfair and I also thought some of the questions related to content were not included in the course textbooks I had.
  • xdaw9d
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    I bought the course from ICS Learn and it says somewhere on their website we should get the results of non written questions immediately, while the written ones will be marked in 6 weeks.

    I don't recollect seeing any results after submitting my assessment. Have I missed something?
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