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I currently work in Payroll and looking to upskill in Accounts. I am wanting to start with my AAT level 2 in accounting. I have not studied much or taken any exams in around 6 years so I am very nervous to take the next step of starting.

Does anyone have any tips/advice about what to expect in the Level 2 in regards to taking exams etc...


  • AndrewLeyland
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    it is hard to get back into studying but it is also worth trying. Once you grasp level 2 it set the foundation for everything else. So all i can recommend is do it. The exams in level 2 are all computer base with getting your results within 20 minutes of finishing the test. Just find a course provider that matches your learning style and you be fine.
    RegardsCiaran Andrew Leyland
  • GMc23
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    I started my AAT level 2 when I was 24 and I had not studied since I was 18, tbh I found level 2 really basic and easy stuff, if you already work in payroll I do not think Level 2 will be a problem for you.
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