Are you looking for Q2022 L4 Coursebooks?

newmanmc Registered Posts: 4 New contributor ?
I have brand new unused BPP L4 text books, question banks and passcards.
They are:
Internal Accounting Systems & Controls Coursebook, Question Bank & Passcards
Applied Management Accounting Coursebook, Question Bank & Passcards
Drafting and Interpreting Financial Statements Coursebook first few chapters have notes in pencil and a few bits highlighted, clean Question Bank & Passcards.

I also have a used BPP AAT L3 2022 Management Accounting Techniques Coursebook and Question Bank. Notes in pencil and again a few highlighted.

Asking £70 for all L4 and £10 for both L3 books ONO.


  • likana_2010
    likana_2010 Registered Posts: 4 New contributor ?
    Hi when you mention Coursebook, Question Bank & Passcards, do you mean these three books for each course?
    Thank you
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